Luxury historic building XIX century in St. Petersburg, Russia for sale $15,785,031



Great for hospitality, office, public catering, shop, household services, bank, auto business.


Years of construction: 1899; 1902 Architects: L. Fufayevsky
Building area: 2 588 sq. M.
Purpose: non-residential.
Number of storeys: basement 1 2 3.
Height of ceilings: on 1 3 floors from 4,05 to 4,25 m, in the basement 2,25 2,4 m.
Entrances: 4 separate: 2 from the facade and 2 from the courtyard.
Engineering support: Power supply 120 kW, power capacity is possible. The building has a built-in transformer substation, on which there is a reserve capacity. Water supply and water disposal city networks. Heating from a heating unit.Property Information:
2600 m 2 total area
1st floor
2600 m 2 total area
3 floors
No passenger lift
Free entry


Owners of the site of the house number 9 on the Great Konyushennaya street in the XVIII century were G. Gofert and II Mittendorf. Initially, it was through, including a section of house number 18 on the embankment of the Moika River.In 1793, the owner was a Dane IV Buch, who founded a factory in St. Petersburg, a gold and silver ware. House № 18 on the river Moika was owned by the court department.Yard development on the site was formed in the XIX century. In the years 1832-1835, Pushkin often visited the owners of the Smirnovs’ house. AO Smirnova-Rosset poet devoted a series of poems.In 1837 in the house number 18 on the Moika embankment there lived a Pushkin’s classmate historian, statesman Baron Modest Andreevich Korf. Later here lived businessman and engineer NI Putilov, one of the founders of Putilovsky (now Kirov) and Obukhov factories.In 1899 the architect LL Fufaevsky built the third floor, the main staircase was built. The customer of these works was T. E. Silvanskaya. Three years later, for the Guards officer VA Sleptsov, the same architect opened the lower floor with wide display cases, remade the facade in the Art Nouveau style.Since that time there has not been a small bay window with a balcony, women’s masks on the frieze, an openwork parapet on the roof.House in 1912 occupied the management of the palace commandant. Before 1917, the commandant of the Winter Palace General N. V. Voeikov lived here for a short time. Until 1917 in the house number 9 worked technical bureau and warehouse of plumbing and electrical accessories RA Kolbe, office of the firm “Siemens and Galke.”On the basement of the building a memorial plaque is fixed, showing the level of the flood on September 23, 1924, when the water rose 369 centimeters above the ordinary (the second flood in the history of the city in terms of water level). Until recently, Sleptsov’s house was occupied by Lenoblpotrebsoyuz.

Total Price:
15,785,031 USD.

Open house:
Negotiable with agent. Contacts: Viber/Whatsup +79119118888, Skype: igdrus, Igor Davydov

豪华历史建筑十九世纪在俄罗斯圣彼得堡出售$ 15,785,031


建筑年份:1899; 1902年建筑师:L. Fufayevsky
建筑面积:2 588平方米
楼层数:地下室1 2 3。
电源120 kW,电源容量是可能的。


十八世纪的大Konyushennaya街上的房屋号码9的站点的所有者是G. Gofert和II Mittendorf。最初,这是通过的,包括Moika河路堤18号的一部分。在1793年,业主是丹麦IV Buch,他在圣彼得堡创建了一家金银制品厂。莫伊卡河上的第18号住宅由法庭部门拥有。

场地的发展在十九世纪形成。在1832年至1835年间,普希金经常访问斯米尔诺夫斯屋的业主。 AO Smirnova-Rosset诗人致力于一系列诗歌。 1837年在莫卡路基的18号房屋里,居住着一位普希金的同学历史学家,政治家男爵莫里斯特·安德烈维奇·科夫。后来,这里生活了商人和工程师NI Putilov,Putilovsky(现在的基洛夫)和Obukhov工厂的创始人之一。

1899年,建筑师LL Fufaevsky建成三楼,主楼梯建成。这些作品的客户是T.E.Silvanskaya。三年后,对于卫兵官员VA Sleptsov来说,同一位建筑师用较宽的展示架打开了较低的楼层,用“新艺术运动”风格改造了立面。从那时起,还没有一个带阳台的小海湾窗,带有围巾的妇女面具,屋顶上的镂空栏杆。

1912年的房子占领了司令官的管理。在1917年之前,冬宫宫将军V.Veeikov的指挥官住在这里很短的时间。直到1917年在房子9号工作技术局和管道和电气配件仓库RA Kolbe,公司“西门子和Galke”的办公室。


15,785,031 USD/ 107,042,973元。

与代理商谈判。联系人:Viber / Whatsup +79119118888,Skype:igdrus,
WeChat ID: mr_hudson-estate_com

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