Historical palace building in St. Petersburg, Russia for sale $50 mln



For sale a historical palace with an area of ​​38,643 square meters located in the Central District of St. Petersburg. Address: English embankment, 8. This building is included in the Unified State Register of Objects of Cultural Heritage (Monuments of History and Culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation as an object of cultural heritage of regional significance [7810009000].

Scientific restoration of the monument was carried out with the participation of the restoration workshops of the Hermitage and the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. Reconstructed 15 interiors and loss of facades.

The highest praise is the quality of the work performed. Only words can not convey the admiration of the very texture of the building, each element of which is elegant and effectively intertwined with history.

The lobby with stucco flower garlands with staircase interiors, decorated with rust, invites you to climb up the staircase, illuminated by the sun through the upper light.

Straight from the stairs you can get into the Swan Hall of turquoise color, named so thanks to the stucco frieze with the heads of swans.

Through the door leading to the winter garden, we go out to the fountain, which resembles the “fountains of tears” in Bakhchisaray: the same zamyseeel, the same proportions, the hand of one master.

Nearby is a meeting room with fireplaces and part of the glass ceiling.

The pantry with windows on the Neva is decorated with embossed leather, painted with gold. Its oak ceiling is divided into rectangles-caissons with a colorful floral ornament on a gold background.

The golden living room with alcove alcove niche used to be a chapel, the icons of which are in the Hermitage.

Arsenalnaya Gallery, Hunting Room, White Hall, Knights’ Hall …

The Gothic Hall deserves special attention, which is a real monument of neo-Gothic architecture in the palace construction of St. Petersburg.

Becoming the owner of this beautiful palace, you can long enjoy romantic interiors, wicker ornaments and fan arches.

Total area – 38,643 Sq. Ft. (3,590 sq.m.).
Floors –  3 +basement floor
Price: $50,260,000 USD
Price for 1 Sq. Ft. – $1300,6 (1 Sq.M. – $14,000. USD)

Representative rooms with historical interiors – 953 sq.m.
Office space – 859 sq.m.
Cafe-dining room – 174 sq.m.
Sauna – 65 sq.m.

Historical reference: On the English embankment there are many magnificent palaces and mansions of the XIX century. Among them, not the last place is occupied by this classical palace, the mansion under No. 8 of the Count Fedor Ivanovich Paskevich-Erivansky, whom he and his wife owned for 60 years until the revolution of 1817.

By the order of Countess Potocki, the prominent architect A.I. Shtakenschneider developed in 1843 a project to rebuild a three-story facial palace, but he remained on paper, why the facade retained some of its classic appearance. All subsequent changes are associated with Paskevich, for which the architect A.Kh. Pel in 1856-1858 somewhat changed the design of the main facade and created from the yard a glazed winter garden on cast-iron columns.

The decoration of the interiors was occupied by Academician P.A. Gedike, a talented representative of eclecticism.

The main staircase with the upper light is decorated with pilasters, sculptures and mirrors; The swan (or Blue) hall is decorated with a frieze with the heads of swans; The walls of the grand dining room are decorated with oak panels and embossed leather. In the caissons of the ceiling there is a colorful ornament. In the Arsenal Gallery (the prince had an excellent collection of ancient weapons) with arched ceilings, the plot sculptural panels were preserved; in the Gothic Hall – architectural design in the style of developed Gothic. In the same style – a neighboring knight’s office with figures of knights in combat armor.

Since 1924 the palace housed the Museum of Merchant Shipping and Ports and the Naval Library, based on the collection of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich. When the museum was disbanded and the library was moved to another location, the mansion in 1947 was taken over by the Lengilproekt Institute, which, by 1993, freed it for the Moscow Industrial Bank. The bank has completed a long-term restoration of various interiors investing about $ 20 million.

Open House:
Negotiable with agent. Contacts: Viber / Whatsup +79119118888, Skype: igdrus, Igor Davydov

与代理商谈判。联系人:Viber / Whatsup +79119118888,Skype:igdrus,
WeChat ID: mr_hudson-estate_com

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