Historical palace building in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia for sale $109,274,369 USD



For sale a mansion with an area of ​​10,579 square meters located in the Central District of St. Petersburg. Address: Nevsky Prospect, 15. From here you can see the magnificent facades of Nevsky Prospekt, the embankment of the Moika River.

Nearby – world-famous monuments of architecture and history, the Savior on the Blood, the Kazan, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Admiralty building. In walking distance – the metro station “Admiralteyskaya”.

The mansion on Nevsky Prospect, 15 was builded in 1768-1771 for General-Political Master N.I. Chicherina. Earlier in this part of Nevsky Prospekt there was a wooden Imperial Winter Palace.

In 2010, the company “Talion” completed the reconstruction and restoration of the building with the preservation of historical facades and palace interiors of the XVIII century. The halls are richly decorated with stucco, bronze, marble and crystal.

Currently in the palace there are: exhibition and conference halls; personal chambers of the owner (454.3 square meters); 35 apartments (total area of ​​1792.7 square meters); a meeting hall (concert, banquet) for 300-400 seats; kitchen for restaurant service (81 square meters); technical and storage facilities; cafe-bars; wine Vault; SPA center under the glass dome with a swimming pool (22 meters), saunas, outdoor terrace. There are free planning rooms with a total area of ​​more than 600 square meters, as well as two closed Italian courtyards.

The mansion has preserved not only its historical appearance, but also meets all modern requirements. In the building there is a second category of power supply (permissible capacity 817 kVA), emergency power supply. There is an air-conditioning system, a gas boiler room, Schindler elevator equipment.

Total area – 113,871 Sq. Ft. (10,579 sq.m.). Total complex buldings area – 113,872 Sq. Ft. (24,000 m2 of which: Chicherin’s house is 10 579 sq.m., Kosikovsky’s house is 2627 square meters, Eliseev’s house is 9563 square meters).
Floors –  6 + underground parking
Parking is available
Land plot area – 73,797 Sq. Ft. (6,856 sq.m.), status – owned
Price: $109,274,369 USD
Price for 1 Sq. Ft. – $959,6 (1 Sq.M. – $10,329. USD)

The investment attractiveness of this facility consists primarily in its unique location.

At the moment there are no similar offers for the sale of real estate on Nevsky Prospekt.

Possible usage of the object:

* rental income from the current use of the existing hotel Taleon Imperial;
* representative office;
* business center;
* profitable house.

ATTENTION! Some rooms can be reformatted for offices. You can also increase the usable space by reorganizing the zones.

Chicherin Palace on Nevsky Prospekt, 15 is a part of the unique palace complex together with the House of A.I. Kosikovskogo (Bolshaya Morskaya street, 14), the house of S.P. Eliseev (embankment of the Moika, 59).

The mansion on Nevsky Prospekt, 15 is sold separately and as a single ensemble, together with other buildings of the complex.

Currently, within the walls of the palace complex is the operating multifunctional hotel complex “Talion Imperial Hotel” (a member of The Leading Small Hotels of the World and Virtuoso).


Mansion on Nevsky Prospekt, 15 (Chicherin’s Palace 1768-1771)
Mansion on Bolshaya Morskaya, 14 (House of Kosikovsky, 1814-1817)
Mansion on the embankment of the Moika River, 59 (Eliseev House, 1794).

Facades of Nevsky Prospekt;
Domes of churches (the Savior on Blood, the Kazan and St. Isaac’s Cathedrals);
Embankment of the Moika River;
Palace Square;
Admiralty building.

Main entrance and main staircase;
Exhibition and conference halls;
Personal apartments of the owner (454.3 sq. M.);
35 apartments (1792.7 square meters);
Conference room for 300-400 seats;
Kitchen for restaurant service (81 sq. M.);
Hold with a lift for storing conference room equipment (239.1 sq. M.);
Makeup and toilet rooms in the conference room area;
Wine Vault;
Premises for commercial use;
SPA – the center under the glass dome;
Two closed Italian courtyards;
Staff rooms;
Technical and storage facilities;
Parking on the embankment of the Moika River and Bolshaya Morskaya Street;
Three places in the closed parking.

The second category of power supply (permissible capacity 817 kVA);
Emergency power supply;
Air conditioning system;
Heating and hot water supply from the gas boiler;
Security and fire alarm system;
Access control system, video surveillance;
Modern means of communication;
Lifting equipment by Schindler;
The system of water treatment and ventilation equipment of the pool.

Historical reference:
From 1768 to 1771 the architect Jean Baptiste Wallen-Delamot erected a house on the Nevsky Prospekt on a piece of land that was granted to Empress Catherine II “To His Excellency Mr. Senator and Police Chief Nikolai Ivanovich Chicherin.”

The mansion at different times belonged to the diplomat A. B. Kurakin, the contractor-shipbuilder A. I. Peretz, the merchant AI Kosikovsky, the banker S.P. Eliseev. On the top floor of the house along Nevsky Prospekt, 15 rented an apartment of A.S. Griboyedov. Several times he visited his AS. Pushkin.

In 1902-1904 in the palace, according to the plan of S.P. Yeliseyev, carried out a restructuring of internal interiors. Since that moment the house has acquired features of a variety of architectural styles – from lush baroque, rococo, French Empire and Renaissance to eclectic and modern.

From 1919 to 1922 on the embankment of the Moika River, 59 there was the House of Arts. He was visited by A.A. Akhmatova, Yu.I. Annenkov, K.S. Petrov-Vodkin, and at the head of the institution stood AM. Bitter.

In 1924 in the complex of buildings along Nevsky Prospekt the cinema “Svetlaya Ribeta” (since 1931 – “Barricade”) was opened. In the second half of the twenties of the XX century, in part of the building on Bolshaya Morskaya, 14 there was the Choreographic Technical School, and later the Club of Business Workers of Socialist Industry, the University of Marxism-Leninism.

Since 1993, JSC “Talion” has begun to reconstruct buildings, which now represent a single complex. Read more via wikipedia

Open House:
Negotiable with agent. Contacts: Viber / Whatsup +79119118888, Skype: igdrus, Igor Davydov

历史宫殿建筑在俄罗斯圣彼得堡市中心出售$ 109,274,369 USD / 717,779,315 CNY

出售位于圣彼得堡市中心区的面积为10,579平方米的豪宅。地址:Nevsky Prospect,15.从这里您可以看到莫伊卡河的堤坝Nevsky Prospekt宏伟的正面。

附近 – 世界着名的建筑与历史古迹,救世主血,喀山,圣以撒大教堂,金钟大厦。步行距离 – 地铁站“Admiralteyskaya”。

Nevsky Prospect的豪宅15号于1768-1771建成,为总政治大师N.I. Chicherina。在这部分Nevsky Prospekt的早期,有一个木制的皇家冬宫。


目前在宫殿内有:展览和会议厅;业主个人房屋(454.3平方米); 35间公寓(总面积1792.7平方米);会议厅(音乐会,宴会)300-400个座位;餐厅服务厨房(81平方米);技术和仓储设施;咖啡吧;葡萄酒库SPA中心的玻璃圆顶下设有一个游泳池(22米),桑拿浴室,户外露台。有免费的规划室,总面积超过600平方米,还有两个封闭的意大利庭院。

豪宅不仅保存了其历史的外观,而且满足了现代的各种要求。在建筑物中有第二类电源(容许容量817 kVA),应急电源。有空调系统,燃气锅炉房,迅达电梯设备。

总面积 – 113,871平方米英尺。 (10,579平方米)。 总复杂面积 – 113,872平方米英尺。 (24000平方米:奇切林的房子是10 579平方米,Kosikovsky的房子是2627平方米,Eliseev的房子是9563平方米)。
地板 – 6 +地下停车场
土地面积 – 73,797平方米英尺。 (6,856平方米),地位拥有
价格:$ 109,274,369 USD /717,779,315 CNY
价格为1平方米英尺。 – $ 959,6(1平方米 – $ 10,329美元)


目前Nevsky Prospekt上的房地产销售并没有类似的优惠。


*目前使用现有酒店的租金收入Taleon Imperial;
* 商业中心;


奇切恩宫在涅夫斯基Prospekt,15是独特的宫殿复合体的一部分与A.I.的房子。 Kosikovskogo(Bolshaya Morskaya街14号),Eliseev的房子(Moika的堤防,59)。

Nevsky Prospekt,15的豪宅分开销售,并作为一个单一的合奏,以及其他建筑群。



Nevsky Prospekt大厦,15(Chicherin’s Palace 1768-1771)
大厦在Bolshaya Morskaya,14(Kosikovsky的房子,1814-1817)
莫伊卡河沿岸的大厦,59(Eliseev House,1794)。


SPA – 玻璃圆顶下的中心;
在Moika河和Bolshaya Morskaya街的堤防上停车;

第二类电源(容许容量817 kVA);

从1768年到1771年,建筑师让·巴蒂斯特·瓦伦 – 德拉莫特(Jean Baptiste Wallen-Delamot)在Nevsky Prospekt上建立了一座被授予凯瑟琳皇后二世“给参议员和警察总监尼古拉·伊万诺维奇·奇切林的地块的房子。”

不同时期的豪宅属于外交官A.B. Kurakin,承包商造船商A.I Peretz,商人AI Kosikovsky,银行家S.P. Eliseev。在Nevsky Prospekt的房子的顶层,15租了一个A.S.的公寓。 Griboyedov。几次他访问了他的AS。普希金。

在1902年至1904年的宫殿里,根据Yeliseyev的计划,进行了内部内部的重组。从那一刻起,这个房子已经获得了各种建筑风格的特征 – 从郁郁葱葱的巴洛克式,洛可可式,法国帝国和文艺复兴到折中和现代。


在1924年,在Nevsky Prospekt的建筑群中,电影院“Svetlaya Ribeta”(自1931年 – “路障”)开幕。在二十世纪二十年代的下半叶,部分建筑物是Bolshaya Morskaya,14号有舞蹈技术学校,后来是社会主义工商业工会俱乐部,马克思列宁主义大学。


与代理商谈判。联系人:Viber / Whatsup +79119118888,Skype:igdrus,
WeChat ID: mr_hudson-estate_com

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