Historical building in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia for sale $8,772,453 USD



Сompletely renovated four-story building quads.
The building consists of four buildings, forming a closed courtyard with a transport ride through the arch of the front shell on the side of Galernaya Street. All office space is designed on the basis of open planning taking into account ergonomic requirements.

Investment attractiveness of the object is due to several facts:
Firstly, the offer in the reconstructed buildings in the city center is literally a piece. The center of St. Petersburg is densely built up with preserved pre-revolutionary buildings, most of which are historical monuments, there are practically no free land spots. The only possibility of development is the reconstruction of the old fund. Against the backdrop of a limited supply, there is an increased demand for office space of the representative type in the historical center. Secondly, the location of the object.

General information and technical characteristics:
Total area – 32,787 Sq. Ft. (3046 sq.m.)
Land plot area – 16,975 Sq. Ft. (1577 sq.m.)
The yard area – 5,619 Sq. Ft. (522 sq.m.)
Ceiling height – from 2.5 to 4 m.
Parking spaces – 20.
Floors – 5 (3 floors + attic + basement).
Price: $8,772,453 USD
Price for 1 Sq. Ft. – $267,5 (1 Sq.M. – $2,880 USD)

– The building is allocated to an independent property: St. Petersburg, Galernaya Street. 15, letter A.
– The condition of finishing the premises includes a fine concrete screed, double-glazed windows from the courtyard facade and wooden window fillings on the front facade, finishing in common areas, distribution of ventilation and air conditioning systems in common areas without floor wiring.
– The electrical power allocated to the building is 500 kVA.
– In a dedicated technical room there is an individual heat point.
– The building is provided with high-speed Internet and telephony.
– The facility is under 24-hour security and video surveillance.

The space is designed on the basis of an open plan, in the facade buildings there are more load-bearing walls, in lateral ones there are less. On the attic floors are free lay-outs, the whole area is useful. The walls are repulsed to a brick, you can leave everything in the loft style, or make repairs for yourself. Thanks to the large courtyard and the south side, the rooms are always light. Ceiling height from 2.5 to 4 meters.

The building can be used for different purposes: the company’s representative office, consulate, embassy. Perhaps combined use: the facade part used for entertainment purposes, and the intra-yard facilities used for the hostel, guest accommodation or minihotel.
At the moment the building according to the documents is 14 apartments (a dwelling), an attic and two basements (non-residential premises).

The mansion PP Durnovo built in the XVIII century.
1837 – the architect. AA Mikhailov 2nd – rebuilt7
1872 – the architect. LF Fontana – perestroika7

When this part of the embankment was built up, Galernaya was just the passage to enter the manor, so there were fences and gates from Galernaya, then wings appeared, often with arches, a passage to the inner courtyard.

In Soviet sources in house 15 on Galernaya Street, owned by Burobin, is listed until 1924. The delegation of the Republic of Poland on the repatriation of the RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

The building is included in the Unified State Register of Objects of Cultural Heritage (Monuments of History and Culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation as an object of cultural heritage of regional significance #7802430000.

Open House:
Negotiable with agent. Contacts: Viber / Whatsup +79119118888, Skype: igdrus, Igor Davydov

酒店历史建筑在俄罗斯圣彼得堡市中心出售$ 8,772,453 USD



总面积 – 32,787平方米英尺。 (3046平方米)
土地面积 – 16,975平方尺英尺。 (1577平方米)
码头面积 – 5,619平方米英尺。 (522平方米)
天花板高度 – 2.5至4米。
停车位 – 20。
地板 – 5(3层+阁楼+地下室)。
价格:$ 8,772,453 USD
价格为1平方米英尺。 – $ 267,5(1平方米 – $ 2,880美元)

– 该建筑物分配给独立财产:圣彼得堡,加尔南亚街。 15,字母A.
– 整理场地的条件包括一个精细的混凝土熨平板,从庭院门面的双层玻璃窗和前门面的木窗填料,在公共区域完成,通风和空调系统在没有地板布线的公共区域分配。
– 分配给建筑物的电力为500 kVA。
– 在专门的技术室有一个单独的热点。
– 大楼提供高速上网和电话。
– 该设施的安全和视频监控不到24小时。



大厦PP Durnovo建于十八世纪。
1837年 – 建筑师。 AA Mikhailov 2nd – 重建7
1872年 – 建筑师。 LF Fontana – perestroika7




与代理商谈判。联系人:Viber / Whatsup +79119118888,Skype:igdrus,
WeChat ID: mr_hudson-estate_com

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