Commercial building (Trade-Exhibition Complex) in St. Petersburg, Russia for sale $18,597,542



Sale of a separate-standing building with land (all in the ownership of a legal entity).

Trade-exhibition complex INTERIO (sale with tenants – almost all the areas are commissioned) is 23 700 sq. M. m. choice of furniture and decoration materials. On 4 floors of the complex there is a wide range of modern manufacturers of imported and domestic furniture, materials for interior and exterior decoration and many interior items all that will help you beautify, renovate and make a comfortable apartment, country house or office. Everything is provided for the convenience of customers: a cafe, a payment terminal, two parking lots, a car wash (land in the property of 2.3 hectares).

Here, visitors are waiting for the exhibition hall and two conference rooms. Guests of the complex can not only get acquainted with the actual interior collections, but also visit the exhibition, entertainment and business events. In the exhibition center “Interio” there are presentations, festivals, exclusive jewelry and photo exhibitions, exhibitions of elite breeds of cats and dogs. Scheduled events for professionals and fans of suburban housing and landscape design, decoration and interior decoration are planned. Especially for young guests Trade-Exhibition Center “Interio” prepared children’s entertainment programs with quest games, photo zones. Bright events, positive energy of space became the basis of a new image of a fashionable platform.

Expocentr’s specifications:
26910 Sq.Ft. (2500 sq.m.) Indoor space – exhibition hall
5,382 Sq.Ft. (500 sq.m.) Conference halls
59,201 Sq.Ft. (5 500 sq.m.) Outdoor space
Parking for 500 cars
Format of events: Exhibitions B2B, B2C / exhibitions-fairs, Congresses / Press Conferences, Trainings / master classes, Informal corporate meetings, Business meetings, Presentations / Holidays, Concerts / shows / performances, Sports / Test drives, Children’s entertainment events, Photo exhibitions, the placement of art objects and changing installations.

Price: $18,597,542 USD
The price for 1Sq.Ft.: $73USD (1 sq. M .: $787 USD)
Total area: 254,308 Sq.Ft. (23,626  sq.m.)
Land area: 2.3 hectares
Ceiling height: 14,76 Ft. (4.5m)
Storeys: 4
Elevators: passenger, 1 pc. Freight, 1 pc. escalators, 4 pcs.
Telecommunications: wi-fi
Security: video surveillance, round-the-clock security point
Ventilation and air conditioning: air conditioning in separate rooms, combined extract and input ventilation, central air conditioning
Fire extinguishing system: automatic fire extinguishing and smoke removal system, fire alarm system
Water supply and sewerage: yes
Infrastructure facilities: Car wash, ATM, Recreation Area, Cafe, Conference rooms, Shop, Central Reception
Equipment: Furniture, Wallpaper, Flooring, Finishing materials, Light

Open house: Negotiable with agent. Contacts: Viber/Whatsup +79119118888, Skype: igdrus, Igor Davydov

俄罗斯圣彼得堡商业建筑(贸易展览馆)出售$ 18,597,542/ 123,346,310.元。


贸易展览会INTERIO(与租户销售 – 几乎所有地区都被委托)是23 700平方米。家具和装饰材料的选择。在综合楼的4层,有各种现代进口和家庭家具制造商,室内外装饰材料和许多室内装饰品,这将有助于您美化,翻新和舒适的公寓,乡间别墅或办公室。一切都为客户提供方便:咖啡厅,付款终端,两个停车场,洗车(土地2.3公顷)。


26910平方米(2500平方米)室内空间 – 展厅
59,201平方米(5 500平方米)户外空间
活动形式:展览B2B,B2C /展览会,大会/新闻发布会,培训/大师班,非正式企业会议,商务会议,演讲/假期,音乐会/表演/表演,体育/测试驱动器,儿童娱乐活动,照片展览,放置艺术品和更换装置。

价格:$ 18,597,542美元/ 123,346,310.元。
1Sq.Ft的价格:$ 73USD(1平方米:$ 787美元)
天花板高度:14,76 Ft。 (4.5米)

电梯:乘客,1个运费,1 pc。自动扶梯,4件。

与代理商谈判。联系人:Viber / Whatsup +79119118888,Skype:igdrus

WeChat ID: mr_hudson-estate_com

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