About Us

About Us


Hudson Estate is a premier digital destination connecting the world’s affluent real estate buyers with prestige properties across the globe through relevant, timely listings and compelling content.

Our multilingual platform is localized to address the interests of international property seekers. Luxury listings are combined with global market analysis and relevant news from premium publications such as RE/MAX, The Wall Street Journal, Realtor, Sotheby’s Realty, Christie’s Realty —all to empower our users to make informed real estate decisions.

The Hudson Estate editorial team uses the site’s listings as a resource for articles and multimedia features such as slideshows and videos. Listings are paid and free features on Hudson Estate.


Hudson Estate includes clearly labeled, advertiser-generated articles and related content.


Hudson Estate reaches international investors in the market for exceptional properties. Offering a multitude of opportunities to list, feature or promote a listing, Hudson Estate is an ideal companion for real estate brokerages, agents and developers.

Our connection to the world’s elite, and alignment with luxury real estate and lifestyle content, offers excellent branding and sponsorship opportunities for advertisers across many categories.

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